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FX impact silencer Baffles for Mk1 & MK2 OEM suppressor moderator



These are 3D printed baffles to be installed in the OEM FX impact MK1 and MK2 hollow end tube. (Tube NOT included)-

(Has not been tested for the FX impact M3, MAY NOT WORK but if it has the same tube in the picture description it should work. If it doesn’t, you can  measure the distance that’s needed and cut a piece of plastic pipe or any tube and make a chamber, OR you can purchase baffles for the M3 from my other listing)



These are designed for .22 and .25cal but should fit in other calibers if the end tube is the same.
The inner hole of the baffles is 8.6~8.9mm so it can probably also work with .30cal but has not been tested. (Buy on your own risk for .30cal)
Tested with the JSB mk2 .25cal pellets at 950fps MAX power wheel and got 8dB less than the OEM .
Length 29mm – Width 30mm
Buy now, is for three (3) Baffles 
Filament color may vary

How to install video:   https://youtube.com/shorts/blhA0559OK0


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